Roaring twenties

This weekend I got to help out at and attend a Great Gatsby party at the organised by my spectacular sister. Oh the glitz, the glamour, the splendour! Behold some people and outfits that floated up immediately when I got to blank paper:

The great Gatsby's guests

The top left shows Sara the socialite star. I’m next to her in dress, fur and feather lent to me by a friend whose wardrobe is more mysterious and wonderful than any Narnia-backing cupboard. Henri is posing with her Mint Julep and green-sequin-studded headband, and the other rows show a variety of Gatsby’s other guests. Gatsby himself eluded me, but every time the centre girl in the silver dress walked by I swooned in envious admiration (honestly everyone looked so wonderful it was more of a constant swoon).

It was a bally beautiful evening. Henri taught me the Charleston and I taught her the Jitterbug, and there were also dandies who really knew how to spin and swirl and swing.

gatsby end

Deep into the night we left the premises, with an armful of lilies (as if attending hadn’t been good enough).Now our kitchen looks like a luxury jungle, possibly one of the best environments for breakfasting.

My shiniest top hat off to my sister, pearls gleaming and clinking with delight and feather waving with deeply impressed panache.

Hope you have a glittery and spectacular week!

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4 Responses to Roaring twenties

  1. KnitNell says:

    What a delightful description of a lovely party and fab drawings!

  2. Margaret Richardson says:

    Marvellous pictures and text! Wish that I’dbeenthere! Especially love the last one – with the lilies.

  3. Nilufer caglar says:

    Wish i could have seen you!
    Congratulations to both of you!

  4. Yiong says:

    What a very special event it must have been! We shall not even hint at dark events in ‘Great Gatsby’ that everyone can do without.

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