the local magpieBehold my neighbours! They live in the willow tree opposite my window. The politics of their cohabitation/timeshare policies are quite complex and often  lead to conflict. The pigeons are most plentiful but least popular, magpie is elusive and has mysterious trips away, only to hop back and antagonise the squirrel clan, who spend their days preening, showing off, and peering around beady-eyed for fights.
squirrel sketches


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4 Responses to Neighbours

  1. K-Chan says:

    Those pigeons are BRILLIANT.
    Each one zoomed large has a PRESENCE.
    Pigeon stories galore…!!!!

  2. K-Chan says:

    Squirrels are good, too…,

  3. Margaret Richardson says:

    Excellent likenesses of those pesky squirrels! And those big fat lazy pigeons!

  4. Terrific! I can hear the chatter and flutter!

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