A Bouquet of Birds

Happiest of birthdays to my mum, masterful gardener and splendid ornithologist! Click to see all the flowers, plants and birds sing in bigger, solemnly majestic celebration.

Little studies in preparation :>

mam bday card tries

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6 Responses to A Bouquet of Birds

  1. Margaret Richardson says:

    Fantastic! What an absolutely beautiful birthday card! And withso many evocative references! The wisteria is so beautiful and I have counted 26 birds! Have I missed any?
    Big happy birthday wishes, hugs and kisses for the birthday girl!
    Margie and David xxxx

  2. MOTHER says:

    It is magical, and to have the original dedicated to me is truly lovely.
    I celebrate: …my birthday and the artist’s skill and LOVE…… tarararararaaah….(melody, melody, birdsong, etc)
    And thanks to Margie and David I know there are 27 of the feathered ones to be discovered…

  3. Zoya says:

    Beautiful card and so much fun trying to find all the birds.

  4. KnitNell says:

    An enchanting picture – and lovely to see the preparatory sketches. Lucky mum!

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