The Hounds of Russel Square

I spent quite a bit of last week basking in the sunshine instead of soaking up the library-sphere, watching the Russel Square canines cavorting together. Look how stylish these doggies are! Especially the ones on the right. Click to see them in their full glory.

noble beasts

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3 Responses to The Hounds of Russel Square

  1. Margie says:

    What glamourous dogs! Very suited to their neighbourhood I think. I espceially like the one at the top of the right hand page which looks, we think, a little like Flinky!

  2. K-chan says:

    HEAVENLY Hounds…..!
    Now that I am an Ipaddy, I can sort do fliff out the picture and obtain massively enlarged creatures, and they respond brilliantly to that, becoming very alive and dynamic with inflated egos…!

  3. Maarten en Fransje van de overkant says:

    What a rare bunch of doggies, I like them ver much. Indeed “little”Flinky could be one of them!!!Our Kasper was this week at the doghairdresser and his wild “hairpins”have disappeared, so he cannot act in your drawings anymore!!1

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