Back into the swamp


the mystic flysing fish of learning and diligence and panic

Haha! Essay gone, exams arrive! We’re having exciting flatmate work parties at the moment, migrating from room to room, leaving trails of papers in our wake, watching each other like hawks for signs of weakness.

WORKNot text!wooorrrrrkkkk

Have a good day! May it be productive and inspiring. Or incredibly idle. Up to you.

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15 Responses to Back into the swamp

  1. K-chan says:


    The top pic is really glowing…

  2. Awesome! I really like your artwork.

  3. K-chan says:

    Actually, what I wanted to know is: Are those leaping little fish emerging from the laptop….? They look sort of blithe and confident….. Are they the subconscious Bee-stlies?

    • I’m not totally sure, but I think they are the ether-based fish of knowledge, diligence, concentration and cramming. There to inspire and be atmospheric.

  4. Hello! I’ve nominated your blog for the Liebster Award … because you’re awesome! 🙂

  5. Novi Dwi WR says:


  6. toemailer says:

    We would love to post the top drawing at toemail if you do not mind? Which of either Netherlands or England is the more appropriate location?

  7. KnitNell says:

    I love the drawings – so animated. Again well done – always a pleasure to see your Posts.

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