Crawling out of the reading/writing swamp

i liiiive

I like the swamp. It’s a good kind of swamp, as far as swamps go. But sometimes, when it allows for but 2 hours of sleep and makes your brain feel like a throbbing lump in your skull, it is just too swampy.

The essays are in for now. Triumph! Exhaustion! Annoyed family members who nonetheless take care of you!



Bonus comic: essay-related fun times!

One of my essays was on spatiality, so I’m sharing my discoveries —


Read at your own peril.

Essay times are desperate times.

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4 Responses to Crawling out of the reading/writing swamp

  1. Mother says:

    I looove your face on being told you have a Brain Problem…
    Did I really say that?
    Quite aptly diagnosed, I suppose…

  2. nilufer caglar says:

    karen, how could you ! say that to a bee in desperation!! the thing to do was to wrap her in a blanket and sit on her till she got un stuck!!! bee i am sure, yours are the best essays in class and you are in for a lot of accolades and you are lucky you dont have me as your mom, you would have sweated profusely under the blanket…

  3. Poly says:

    As always. LOVE!!!!!! Wonder were you got the idea for your courageous, victorious defeat of the swamp….Also, right, if I had been taught about spatial awareness as depicted above, I so would have understood. Birds with personified rooms, makes soo much more sense.

    • Hahaaa, it said read at your own peril, oh amazingly inspiring swamp-defeater-idea-genius! I take no responsibility for essay-time brain fever doodles. Peril for all involved.

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