Easter times

Hope you have lovely Easter times!

easter 2

I’m at my mum’s, and she is being the best. I’m busy writing essays but let myself have a break to scribble this in admiration of our festive flowers. There’s snow outside but shhh let us not speak of it. Look instead at the ‘blue grapes’ and ‘peewit flowers’ ! And long French tulips saying hi.

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5 Responses to Easter times

  1. Love this drawing, Bee! I feel like I’m right there in your kitchen. What a ‘gezellige’ scene. Good luck with the essays! xx

  2. KnitNell says:

    Delightful sketch – love the dog ! Such patience with those chicks !

  3. Margaret Richardson says:

    What a wonderful cheering up Easter times message and drawings! We can just picture that lovely cosy scene. And Karen’s delicious cup of coffee! Best of luck and inspiration with those essays. We are very much looking forward to a visit when you have time……
    Margie xxxc

    • Maarten en Fransje van de overkant says:

      Hallo Bee! Je bent weer even hier? Wat een geestige tekening, ik geniet van je werk, het is verademend! Wij komen net terug van de zee waar het heel koud was en het regelmatig sneeuwde in ons huisje op wielen, maar toch was het absoluut de moeite waard! trouwens nog een vrolijk Pasen!!!! Love je buren van de overkant!!!!

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