Library faces

library spaces

Aaah! I am in essay-land again, and have been library-ing ferociously. Will try to put stuff up more regularly though!

<– Senate House library is, as a friend put it, like Hogwarts – my scrawl doesn’t do it justice at all, but you can still see the glass-doored bookcases, high windows, and brass lamps built into the desks.


The main SOAS library is less pretty but more dynamic – sitting opposite the staircases gives a particularly good view of library-trawlers, but of course I don’t let myself get distracted. At all.

library faces


Hope you’re getting into Spring. Still waiting here, I don’t know if I’ll ever trust hyacinths again.

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2 Responses to Library faces

  1. Margaret Richardson says:

    Brilliant drawing of the Hogwarts-like library Bee!

  2. Laurie says:

    rilly fantastic x

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