Dragon chairs

I drew this guy sprawled with his laptop on a dragon quite some time ago, now lingering in the depths of this blog. More recently I was overcome with a sudden yen for more dragon chairs/beanbags/vehicles, this time all watercoloured:

dragon chair colours

noooo she folded the cover back?! She has a dragon, she can do whatever she likes.

Maybe he has steel-infused trousers to deal with those spikes...?

I was going to put them up separately but then felt bad about my lack of activity recently, so here’s a big post with a gathering of stylish alternative furniture choices.

Really loved making these ‘ v ‘

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2 Responses to Dragon chairs

  1. Margaret Richardson says:

    Brilliant, Bea! We really love the alternative furniture styles! I am going to forward them to Clare who really loves beanbags! the dragons look very contented….lots of love from Margie and David xxxx

  2. Nilufer caglar says:

    Dear, can i have one?

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