Flowers for the new year

Happy New Year!

that cormorant is up to no good though

Already almost a week into 2013. Here are some belated well-wishing avians and some cake to celebrate. Auspicious cake, cake that strives to get everything it aims for in the new year. May your year be similar to this cake.

wakka wakka wakka


At least one more essay-dominated week for me – then the relatively calmer reading-swamp can take over again. Eeek.  This was actually the first thing I’ve painted in three weeks. Feels far, far too long.

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3 Responses to Flowers for the new year

  1. Nilufer caglar says:

    Dear bee, it is another lovely idea! An auspicious cake that rhymes with delicious….

  2. Nilufer caglar says:

    And nutritious, sumptious, glorious

  3. Yiong says:

    Drama in a cake! Never knew that was possible. Now for the cake banquet as theatre?

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