Happy St Nicholas day (for yesterday really)! This is one of the best festivals, if you’re a Dutch child. You get to put your shoe in front of the fireplace/central heating several nights in a row (leading up to prezzie-night on the 5th), and every morning (if you’re good, do your best singing the songs, and bribe Sinterklaas’ white horse with a carrot) you will find delicious gifts!

Oh horse! Majestic, noble animal.  The Dutch name for Sinterklaas' piebald horse is Schimmel (mould). sinterklaas 2bTotal and utter excitement. Sinterklaas sweets come in all sorts of shapes and kinds, the choco and marzipan ones are particularly beautiful. I remember being unable to eat them sometimes, that’s how pretty they were. They never went to waste though, for after a prudent, patiently waited-out time my forgotten treasures would gradually disappear without me even realising it…

Our mum made us those bear-nighties. They were much nicer than in my tiny drawings, of course.

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7 Responses to Sinterklaas

  1. Mother says:

    Oooooooh, do I see my own little totties there?
    And their cuddlies Poppedijntje and Baa-lamb?
    Wearing the nighties I sewed for them from red flannel, with bears on them?
    This is sweeter than photographs.

  2. Mother says:

    Was the “prudent, patiently-waited time” a reference to the mother? (finally chucking out the months-old festering sweets…)

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