Wensleydale encounters

I visited the Wensleydale museum and did a portrait of a very charming and silky little dog waiting outside. For its owner Charlotte : )

Here are some other sketches of summer visitors (click for better viewing):

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7 Responses to Wensleydale encounters

  1. Anna Cull says:

    I like your little hedgehogs – or is it one hedgehog from different angles? Either way, they’re lovely : )

    • Thank you! : ) It’s just the one little hedgehog visitor (as described by my mum below, heh!) He was really into our lawn-buffet, so as he scuttled about I got to see him from all sides ^^

  2. K - Chan says:

    Bee, charming hedgehog!
    And allow me to inform the wondering multitudes that this is the little hog who daily came to breakfast on the lawn at West Cottage in Thornton Rust, rooting around for grubs and things among the blades of grass…
    Also, that the portraits of the charming people are set in West Cottage too, which is presented very cosily, even if it IS actually more spacious than the drawing suggests….
    Anyone drawn to the idea of holidaying at this lovely cottage please consult http://www.countryhideaways.co.uk/cottage-details/WEST02#.UIkUUG-6eM0

  3. Margie says:

    lovely pictures of very relaxed looking summer visitors Bee! And those little hedge hogs are just adorable. I well remember seeing that very nice little dog at the Museum in hawes!

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