Autumn has begun, as have my new studies. It reminds me of some years ago, when it was the autumn of my first year of university and I messed with fate. FATE. Click for true story fate times.

Such lofty thoughts, but I didn’t even think about it at all, just said no right off. Heh! He was a bit older-looking than me. But I’m a pretty bad judge of age, so who knows. That’s my sis on the phone, by the way, comforting me with her wisdom.


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7 Responses to FATE

  1. LordByrum says:

    Your style is so good! Great comic!

  2. Sara says:

    Hahahaa! I stand by my original hypothesis dude!

  3. Nilufer caglar says:

    Hey bee dear, lets see in what disguise fate will strike this time round! Fate goes round in circles of most peculiar orbits….!

  4. Limesy says:

    This was a marvellous Bea-ism to read and chuckle over on a gloomy Wednesday morning in deepest darkest Chengdu. <3!

    And if someone randomly asks you in a park in London to go for a coffee….?

  5. K - Chan says:

    This is so good and funny and human! You’re HUMAN, Bee !!! Yeeeaaaaah…

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