Taiko drumming

Last Saturday there was a Japanase festival, or matsuri, on Trafalgar Square! There were rows of stalls selling okonomiyaki, onigiri, sushi, ramen and mocchi, as well as a stall with Japanese ceramics – Henrietta and I both succumbed to the temptation and have been raving about our little blue-and-white bowls since, cherishing every salad, soup, or breakfast items they hold for us. You can see more about the matsuri here.

The ultimate reason I went, though, was to finally see a taiko drumming performance. The performance I watched was held by girls from the London Japanese School Wadaiko group. They were so synchronised, energetic and cool! So I did this little painting.

Someday I hope to visit a matsuri in Japan. Someday!


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3 Responses to Taiko drumming

  1. K-Chan says:

    grand stuff….

  2. Nilufer caglar says:

    Where can one hear the taiko drumming? Can you add sound to your blog? What with birds, chinese and drums!! Nilufer

  3. Limes says:

    That is a particularly fine red colour.

    Glad you went to see the Taiko drumming instead of doing reading! Fully endorsable action! And I believe a small illustration of your lovely blue-and-white bowls is also in order. ^_______^

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