Summer Glimpses

When I looked up at a night-sky and happened to see a meteor soaring past, it made me feel both lucky as well as curious as to how many other meteors might have flown by when I was looking down.

Here are three tiny scenes that I caught sight of through a lucky combination of driving by and noticing at the right moment. They all seemed to be enjoying the sunshine and made me smile. (Click to enlarge ^^)

Also, here are some visual memories from my summer in Wensleydale. Not ready for Autumn yet!

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5 Responses to Summer Glimpses

  1. nickyhansell says:

    Is the strange grey one us in the field?Miss you Bea. Hope it’s all wonderful in London and you are meeting new people and doing exciting Chinese things.Might be going over to see your lovely mother and we’re going to talk soon anyway.You must meet up with Pete and Sonam – he’s in Wensleydale at the moment but up and down. I’ll get him to call you next time he’s there. xxxx

  2. Winter Owls says:

    Your illustrations always make me smile, just lovely πŸ™‚

  3. Limes says:

    Bring on autumn, I say! But I do enjoy your glimpses of summer all the same.

  4. K-Chan says:

    Simple and yet so evocative of times had….
    Were the waterfall and fell picknic, etc. the drawings done on the spot?
    Could the relevant ones be “pinterest-ed” to the cottage?

  5. Poly says:

    In my defence, that was a really strong current. ‘The adventurers’ is standing on my mental piece. Always makes me smile πŸ™‚

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