Concert drawings

Yesterday I went to a concert by The Bach Players at St Johns in Highgate! If you live around London, you should see if you can go to one of their beautiful performances. While listening to wonderful Baroque music I did some life drawing of the musicians and the audience – people’s listening expressions were lovely:



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3 Responses to Concert drawings

  1. How lovely Bea! Thanks again for your help at the concert.

  2. Margie says:

    Marvellous drawings Bee! We really like the chap with the scarf, and the woman sitting next to him. Sounds like you have found some lovely things to do in London already. And St Johns in Highate is not that far from where you live – really handy!
    love from D and M

  3. Kaiyun says:

    好喜欢这个创意 “音乐上的可爱的人们”~

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