Forbidden Forest

Sometimes I just feel like drawing Harry. I maybe got a bit carried away with this one, but it was too much fun, and also bigger than what I usually paint, hurray! (still small though)

<– Click this little one to see a bigger version of what the original drawing is closer to. I scanned it twice and actually like the dramatically dark one below more.

Internet is still tricky and scanners are the stuff of myth and legend at the moment, so for a while I’m gonna put up random doodles and paintings which have been lounging around. Hope your summer is progressing pleasantly, neither dark nor forbidden.

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3 Responses to Forbidden Forest

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    WOW! You are really good! Sometimes, i need illustrators, but my friends are busy, so its kinda hard getting good ones.

  2. Yiong says:

    Beautiful beautiful – and interesting….!

  3. nilufer caglar says:

    love the spider web, the little critter like thing peeping behind the branch and the WHOLE forest!!

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