Closest to an Owl

Our neighbours rescue owls! They have owls that they have rescued! I never knew! They let them build up strength before facing the woods again. They were kind enough to let me have a look at their current birds, and even brought them out so that they were just a handsbreadth away. They really were breathtakingly beautiful. The bigger ones were pretty nervous so I only did a quick sketch of their faces – the Long-eared Owl (Ransuil) had brilliant orange eyes, while the Tawny (Bosuil – ‘forest owl’) had mysterious deep black pools. The little Little Owl (Steenuil – ‘stone owl’), only 4 weeks old, was in a cage of its own for protection, and did some wary posing for me. It was wonderful.

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2 Responses to Closest to an Owl

  1. Your owls are full of character.

  2. nilufer caglar says:

    love owls, thank you!!!!

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