Cuteness in Taiwan

There was a lot of cute stuff in Taiwan. Crazy amounts. Everywhere. If I came across huge statues of happily frolicking lilac rabbits with shiny manga eyes in a city center in the Netherlands, I’d think it was some sort of modern art statement. In Taipei it seemed they were there just to be cute.

One friend said the cute was overwhelming, and that he welcomed the presence of giant spiders and poisonous snakes as a counterbalance. Given my ultimate fear of spiders and liking of notebooks decorated by inspiring nonsense messages, I wouldn’t go quite that far. Another friend, who actually loved the cute, once surprised me by unleashing her pent up emotions:

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7 Responses to Cuteness in Taiwan

  1. Elisa says:

    Bea, i miss you! Whenever I see an egret, which is quite often, I have to think of you. I hope, that we can meet again! Soon.

  2. maevdk says:

    so cute !!

  3. Anchan says:

    I frequently find myself in the weird position of defending the lack of cuteness of Europe to my Chinese friends here. But it is so hard, when they ask: why are the clothes so boring here? Why don’t you have stylish shoes in Europe? It makes me think we live in a grey-brown-navy dirge… D: D: D:

    • oolung says:

      You should reply “define stylish” 😉 But to be honest, despite the cuteness being sometimes overwhelming (and a lot of clothes being unwearable for me due to the excess of frills/sequins/lace/you name it), you can truly find more interesting stuff there than in Europe (and cheaper!) and most of my favourite clothes are from there…

  4. Lisi He says:

    This made me laugh so much! 😀

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