The Napoleonic invasion of last weekend

Last Saturday Zaltbommel was invaded by Napoleonic troops. After they paraded around, joined by Scottish and Dutch soldiers, the mayor handed over the key to the city, several skirmishes broke out and with deafening gunpowdery (blank) shots French soldiers protected the bales of straw which had been flung around. Non-soldierry types had rented or made costumes too, and so looked authentic while wielding their cameras. It was brilliant, particularly when two French (but actually Dutch) soldiers sat down at the table next to us on the market square to enjoy a cappuccino.


One of them was a veteran of such occasions, and explained how his hat (as can be seen on the table below) could be used to defend one’s jugular from vicious swords.  The various troops camped down by the river-beaches for three nights, cooking on genuine little fires to work up strength for their battles. You can see some photos here  at one of the programme’s sites.

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One Response to The Napoleonic invasion of last weekend

  1. Poly says:

    The Battle of Bommel, love it! Also can’t help but chuckle over “we are looking for 250 Napoleonic soldiers” as stated on the website. How often does this event take place? Or was it a one off?

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