Warning Signs

Some serious signs for seriously dangerous areas.


Watercolour and ink pens


‘ v ‘


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6 Responses to Warning Signs

  1. Your cats have great facial expressions, really like them.

  2. Mother says:

    Bee, you will never be a millionaire, nor will I at this rate. The least you could have done is mention that these lovely signs were made to order for our CQC (Charming Quirky Cottage) in North Yorkshire, which all loyal followers of your blog are most welcome to peruse – and book! – on http://www.countryhideaways.co, etc (ref: West Cottage, Thornton Rust), bearing in mind that their heads or legs may come off due to certain steps or very low doors.

  3. Nilufer caglar says:

    Can we have more..like slippery slope,
    Chatty blackbirds?
    Rickety chair,
    Dangerous winds?
    Snappy dragons.
    Ohh your lovely romantic, quaint cottage with karen stitched curtains is even better now!
    Well ddone dear bee..

  4. Poly says:

    Should it be http://www.countryhideaways.co.uk ? Tried link and didn’t work. Think its missing a .uk. Only guessing. Please don’t shoot me.

  5. Yiong says:

    You’ll have to go into production before anyone steals your ideas!!

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