Hurrying towards good news

Here is a card that I had sent off and found again when I came back from Taiwan, with the birds I’d spotted in my first few months of being there:

I’ve been thinking about doing a bigger, more ambitious one with all the birds I saw there, since I saw way more (and now know what most of them were and could paint them a bit more accurately as well *hum*). Maybe!

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5 Responses to Hurrying towards good news

  1. mar says:

    i support the ambitious version!

  2. Poly says:

    This would be cool as a massive poster. I’d buy it…

  3. nilufer caglar says:

    this is gorgeous, id buy it too!!

  4. Poly says:

    There seems to be a demand here… Can I take 30 per cent commission for the wonderful idea?

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