Taipei Postcards

I will miss living in Taipei, the brilliant crowded overgrown city, the green mountains, the mangrove trees, colourful birds, food culture, endless supply of delicious and exciting drinks, and the lovely people. It was a very special time.

Here are some watercolour postcards I did based on Taipei — The first is of the gardens by the Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall.

<– Drinks of milk tea or leaf tea or juice with added squishy pearls of various sizes and colours, aloe vera jelly, coconut jelly (which tastes like pineapple), citrus peel, plums, little rose buds, passion fruit seeds, basil seeds. Buying a drink is a complex procedure, you have to be ready to supply information like whether you want it hot, cool, or iced, and to what percentage you want it to be sweetened. 30% is a good bet, 50% if you’ve got a sweet tooth, 10% if not.

70% or above is toothmelting.

Also a little cityscape showing the fancy Taipei 101 building and surrounding mountains.

Finally the National Palace Museum Song and Ming style garden  garden. Very accurate, all of them! The accuratest.

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3 Responses to Taipei Postcards

  1. skeletaleejit says:

    Absolutely accuratest! Great work!

  2. I love the expressions on the tea! So lovely 😀

  3. Lisi He says:

    Wonderful! I adore the tea one! 🙂

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