A quick watercolour doodle of Katniss from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. My reading a couple of pages out of curiosity transmogrified into a whole trilogy marathon of woe and tragedy and arrows. I just saw the movie, like the book it was both thrilling and discomfiting. I liked Katniss and Peeta though, as book characters and as acted on the screen.

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3 Responses to Katniss

  1. Alison says:

    I am churlishly refusing to read and engage in this new fad for reasons I cannot place beyond the fact that it sounds all a bit grim. Glad you enjoyed it though! 😀

    • Well I don’t know about ‘enjoyed’ entirely, it was grim but I had to know how Katniss was going to survive!
      Pfff you read so many grim things, Grim-face! Hur hur ~

  2. Yiong says:

    I’m in the US visiting Peter’s daughter Nathalie and her family. Both Nathalie and her 11-yr old daughter have been totally fascinated by book and film. Spin-offs like Hunger Games diaries, Hunger Games board games etc all over the shops. Looks like a new Harry Potter-like goldmine. Except that whereas I found Harry Potter plots quite as terrifying as I could deal with, Hunger Games will certainly turn me into a quivering jelly forever, so out of self-preservation I will pass on this one.

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