Morning brightening lizard

I’ve moved out of the dorm! It’s sort of sad. It was small and crowded, and sometimes it was not buckets of fun (having chronic bronchitis when living in a cramped space with 3 others is not ideal, partly because you hope they won’t kill you for coughing through the night, partly because having a fortress of wet clothes obscuring your bed from vision is probably not helpful). Sometimes you just want your own space or the freedom to wail along to your music. All in all I really enjoyed my time in the dorm though, and I was lucky to have great roommates (who did not murder me).

Here is a little comic of a random and tiny morning encounter of some time ago.  — Before you start out, I just have to make clear that in the last but one panel my roommate is holding a camera. Just sayin’. No lizards were harmed.

I’m not sure why, but that tiny lizard just made our day.

I’m sorry, spiders. I know it’s not fair.

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4 Responses to Morning brightening lizard

  1. skeletaleejit says:

    Genius! Lizards are definitely beneficial. I’m very excited as I saw my first Formosan blue magpies yesterday in Yangmingshan. Amazing things. There were lots of lizards, too, scurrying off the sun-warmed stones as I approached and making me feel guilty about being the oversized monkey that I so clearly am. Have you painted the blue magpies yet?

  2. Poly says:

    Ah, so she didn’t kill it and preserve it in a square jam jar then? 😛 Cruel, I know.

  3. Your drawings are wonderful 😀

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