Kenting drawings (Sheding park)

What’s this more birds noooo. After Tainan we drifted towards Kenting, which was so blue-skied, beautiful-beached, warm and wonderful that we ended up spending about a week there being extremely lazy. I spent too much time enjoying the ocean to be able to try to paint it, but we did stretch to a walk in Sheding park. It was fantastic. Huge amounts of huge floaty butterflies drifted past us, and we kept hissing various tree-directions to each other as more exciting birds were glimpsed:

I also spotted a Formosan monkey draped in some lush canopy, it gave me a look of studied disdain, chomped its last handful of whatever it was snacking on, and slunk off. There were sweeping ocean views with possibly serpent eagles hovering overhead, and narrow, dark, and eerie (also slimy) gorges to explore. Here is a little comic of my mum showing her concern for my gorge-time distress.   

I know I know I am a big wuss. It could have been an enormous killer bee you know. It could have been.

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4 Responses to Kenting drawings (Sheding park)

  1. MOTHER says:

    L.O.L……………………..! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  2. Yiong says:

    The Bee and Bee. It’s called giving your children ‘backbone’ and ‘self-reliance’…………………….
    From the Mothers Defence League.

  3. pawpaws says:

    i remember hiking through the narrow gorges in kenting four years ago and we came out on top of the mountain into the sunshine and the best view EVER! one of my favorite memories from that trip 😀 and your mother is helping you build character.

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