Hong Kong sketchbook

Last weekend I had to suddenly hop over to Hong Kong. I could only stay three days, but it was a great visit, amazing and rushed and shiny and hectic and delicious, I hope to go back! I visited markets, ascended and walked around Victoria Peak, crossed over on the Star Ferry during the Symphony of Lights, and had the best dim sum, crepes and sushi, but there was so much more I just didn’t have time to see, mountains and islands and fishing villages and crazy skyscrapers..! Here are some sketchbook images – the first shows Nan Lian Garden, built in Tang dynasty style:

I also visited Bird Street (of course):

Here are some of its main stars in more detail:

I had no idea parrots looked so brilliant when wet. <— Man with a (red) parrot, who seemed ok with me drawing him.

I was lucky enough to meet up with my friend Diana, who has been in Hong Kong for some time and is just the loveliest. She and Michele took me out to eat dim sum and even let me stay on their sofa so that I could escape the terrible doom of staying at Chunking Mansions*! ( *A notorious place. Scary times.)

(Really, thank you so much!)

(I’m pretty sure those are all the technical names for the dim sum we ate.)

Here is Diana and Michele’s dog Lola, possibly the best tiny dog-cat-gremlin-bird-being in existence. She doesn’t bark, she chirrups. It’s amazing. You can’t get mad at her. She visited me on the sofa (actually she jumped onto my face, haha!) and it was great.

(<– for D. and M.)

I may not be able to post or reply for a bit, but I’ll be back in a week, maybe two! Maybe three. Erk.

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10 Responses to Hong Kong sketchbook

  1. The Duchess says:

    What a tour! Amazing hectic picture of Bird Street–the kids in the bottom right make for a great composition. Do you often draw directly in watercolour? x

    • Thank you and sorry for a late reply! I often carry my watercolours around but generally do a light pencil sketch first, sometimes because of time limits, sometimes to make sure I get the proportions a bit less botched : ) One man came up to me in bird street and lectured me on the focal point of my drawing, haha!

  2. Poly says:

    Wet bottom colourful parrot: you looking at me?! (said in gangster Italian/American accent).
    The two red head grey parrots are the gangster side kicks making sure boss can bathe without disruption.

  3. Bea! Was so fun having you here!! Incredibly impressed and entertained by all your beautiful illustrations, of course especially the one of LOLA!! Any chance we could purchase a print? Much love xxx Diana

  4. Henrietta says:

    Smuggle Lola back to the UK and give her to me!! Please!! 😀

  5. Nilufer caglar says:

    I want a chestnut and pea shoot dumpling too!,
    Just came back from rome that is full of green parrots, so is athens and my sister says so is istanbul! How funny they are so far north! Needs to be investigated, any ideas parrot expert?

  6. annette van der Krogt says:

    ik kan toch zo genieten van je blog ! alweer 1 jaar !! wat zullen jij en K een fantastische tijd hebben, geniet ervan !!

  7. wilfred mohr en ellen de muinck keizer says:

    Hi Beatrice,

    Wat een leuke verhalen en zo herkenbaar voor ons nu we ook in HK wonen.
    Een volgende keer ben je ook van harte welkom om bij ons te logeren!
    Hartelijke groet,
    Wilfred en Ellen.

    • Hi Wilfred and Ellen,
      How lovely to hear from you and heel veel dank for your kind words!
      I am still dreaming of going back to Hong Kong, and would completely love to visit you there!
      Hope to see you there before too long,
      Veel liefs,

  8. Wilfred Mohr says:

    Hi Beatrijs.
    Really good drawings. Talented.
    If you come back to HK please do contact us. Love to catch up. And we have plenty of space to stay on the peak. Greetings Wilfred

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