Tough decisions in life

From a conversation with my mum about arachnophobia and choices in life.

That’s my long suffering roommate next to me. It’s so busy! Argh! Will try to put up some more stuff about what I’ve been doing in Taiwan (other than language studying) soon though.

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8 Responses to Tough decisions in life

  1. Poly says:

    LOVE! Why the croc though? Aren’t the chances of meeting a tarantula extremely higher than bumping into a croc? Surely eliminate the one you’re more likely to meet…

    • Haha no no the idea was that you’re locked into a room with all three of the horrors and then you can only get rid of one of them. It is a cruel thing to be forced to be reasonable and eliminate things other than the one you’re most terrified of.

  2. Marvellous! Forced reasonableness is pretty damn 辛苦

  3. Poly says:

    Alright. However…..depending on the size of the room, naturally, couldn’t you eliminate all in one swoop? For example, when all are charging towards you, the tarantula runs across the croc and when balancing on the tip of the croc’s nose, makes the croc snizz, which leads to croc accidentally snapping at the codra, who in turn seeks revenage on the croc and wraps its body around the croc, who tries to wriggle free and snaps some more at the codra eventually killing it, whilst the tarantula has either been inhaled by the croc as it held on for dear life on the croc’s nose or trampled on. Before you say, that’s not the point, it is the point as its all purely hyperthetical. Ha!

  4. Poly says:

    plus the croc is dead by the codra’s squeasing. Long and painful death, but all its bones are crushed and it eventually dies. Before you state that I hadn’t killed the croc off yet.

  5. Leonie says:

    Eliminate cobra all the way. No-one ever said how big the croc was… 😉 Still loving your comics!! xx

  6. david and margie says:

    Lovely pictures Bea Such variety! You really have been busy, and what with going to Hong Kong as well! xx

  7. sundas latif says:

    I think the idea was to face the music. Well you through mistakes,don’t you?

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