Hourly Comics Day

Follow the red arrows and the time telling fox!


February the 1st was hourly comics day: every hour you draw what’s happened in your day, so you end up with something for every hour that you are awake. This is the first year I’ve participated! And I am late in posting it. Urk. It was not a hugely eventful day either. (I’m having some trouble computer wise, sorry for the slightly poor quality! You can click to enlarge, but then it’s sort of huge…)

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8 Responses to Hourly Comics Day

  1. david and margie says:

    I really, really like it Bea! It gives a real idea of your day, and is very amusing even though as you say it was not a hugely eventful day …I love the time telling fox getting involved with your whole day too. And the ‘mild peril during your chinese class’ – wish I could understand the chinese characters!

    • Glad you liked it Margie! ❤ The Chinese I'm reading out (with constant tonal pronunciation corrections from my teacher) roughly says: 'the cost of living in big cities is very high, merely paying rent takes up a third of your salary.'
      (and then the book on my desk says 'lots of very tough grammar').

  2. Genius! That’s a pretty eventful day compared to most of mine, although it seems very Taipei – are you on the big green book four? Something about the penguin grammar was familiar! Lovely fox, and I totally sympathize with the 8am blues. Our teacher regularly brings sweets to try and perk us up (it doesn’t work).
    Geoff (of the Pottering blog, but I can’t remember my password without the assistance of Firefox)

    • Haha! Yeah we’re on green book four! I am amazed you got that right just from those penguin sentences, that’s brilliant. Wish our teacher brought sweets… Are you a Leeds uni student? I went there too : D

      • Oh, I obviously didn’t read this. Yay, big green book four! We’re halfway through lesson 13, so ‘thingy de thingy, thingy de thingy’ rang lots of bells. I might have to steal your penguins for at least one set of shengci sentences next week. To be honest I’m not really sure that the sweets help, but today we had Ritz cheese biscuits too, which makes a nice change.
        Leeds! Yes, I did an MA and PGDip at Leeds, which now all looks like part of a fiendish master-plan (heading towards starting a terrifying PhD this autumn), but was actually really, really random. I technically still work at the university as a part-time office person clerk type, and have lived there for eleven years before recklessly arriving here to Learn Chinese Properly. Goodness, I’m gibbering. Zhoumo kuaile!

  3. That’s excellent, it does indeed sound like a cunning master plan! Gibbering is always good : ) We’re now almost at the end of term and the last chapter 14 looms. What will we do after this book is done?! Terrifying.

    • skeletaleejit says:

      Terrifying indeed! Are you going onto Far East thingy three, or leaping to the big purple book 5? I’ve opted for Far East at 8am, but will have to wait until tomorrow to find out. Have you made it to T. Loafer yet? There isn’t a lot of space, but it is a great spot to unwind and they don’t mind me doodling and fiddling with watercolours. In fact I’m contemplating a post-lunch visit today, to caffeinate and inspire. My parents are landing at Taoyuan this afternoon, so I need to get into tour-guide mode.

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