Dragons vs colours

Urk. There has been a dreadful lapse in posts. It turned out the holidays were as busy as my class days, only in an eerily quiet Taipei, where nigh everyone but the campus dogs had abandoned ship for the sunny South and everything, including libraries and their scanners, was shut up for two weeks. I completely blame the Chinese New Year, slowly crumbling computers and sudden looming deadlines. It’s now the year of the Dragon, (my year!) hurray! So here are some doodled dragons in watercolour.

They’re actually colour scheme tries but ended up being so much fun that it was hard to stop (especially the little blob ones, which were originally meant to stay as blobs but evolved enthusiastically). I usually pencil stuff first and then paint, but here went straight for paint to paper. Hopefully will put up the card they were done for soon as well. (the sad thing is that despite the time spent on them I still haven’t made up my mind. Decisive Brouwer, is what they call me.)

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One Response to Dragons vs colours

  1. K-Chan says:

    I utterly LOVE these characters…..

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