Chinese lessons

Sorry! I blame the Chinese language wholeheartedly for my terrible lapse in posting so far this year. Our first week of the year was devoted to midterm exams, and we’ve been thrown more tests and presentations this week. Can’t wait for our winter holidays to finally begin next week!I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff that should’ve been posted ages ago so I’ll be putting that up then.

In the meantime – proof of my studying: here are some of my gleanings in flash card form. As you can see I’ve been getting my priorities straight in terms of the speed x focus = successful revision formula. I now plan to only ever revise using Harry Potter themed flashcards.



From left to right: Onomatopoeic word for rustling  noises and the sound of soft rain.

Useful sentence: His eyes are electrifying! His eyes can shoot sparks! His eyes can emit electricity!

A more sophisticated way of saying 好hǎo/壞huài (good/bad): kind and decent vs evil and wicked. One of them’s held up by little Harry and one’s sported by tiny Voldy but I’m not saying which. (click for bigger language knowledge!)

Also here are two nerdy bilingual comics (English for those of you not studying characters) showing what my life has basically been about lately. Chinese class times. Both reveal terrible and dark secrets. Click for larger-format shocks!My mum has been trying to get me to take driving lessons in Taiwan. Eek.

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5 Responses to Chinese lessons

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    HP flash cards? cute 🙂

  2. Yiong says:

    Never knew what a driving licence in Chinese was until now!

  3. MOTHER says:

    I TOLD YA….!!!!!

  4. Jodie says:

    Ha, interesting.

  5. Poly says:

    Productive as ever…….(I still don’t have a driving license…….)

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