Little gift of friendship

My roommate Hyerang moved out of the dorm this week. It is a bit sad. I no longer have a hanging wall of drying clothes blocking the entrance to my bed (“your curtains, Bea!”), and my desk looks extra cluttered next to her empty one.  I enjoyed living together, despite her habit of randomly and merrily waking me up. We had good 默契 mòqì (tacit understanding), as demonstrated by our frequent exchanging of thoughtful gifts.

Her new place is very near though, so it’s ok.

I’m going to be traveling for a couple of days, be back soon!

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2 Responses to Little gift of friendship

  1. Poly says:

    Hahahaha, you have brilliant friends, if I may say so….

  2. Helena says:

    我早晚要去荷蘭, 你準備好了嗎~??哈哈

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