Campus + dogs

I really like the campus here, so more sketches. I’m also pretty fond of the dogs, who haven’t lived up to their fearsome reputation yet. Some time ago I sat outside in the sun – it was a rare day of neither roasting sunshine 0r bucketing rain – drawing this little view:

and one of the campus dogs came up to my chair and gazed at me soulfully. I held out my hand to him and he blinked approval, so I scratched his ears for a bit. When I stopped so I could continue drawing he curled up by my feet in a philosophical sort of way, it was very companionable. Here’s a quick sketch of him.

I now recognise him because of his flopped left ear. More often than not the mountains are clouded over and rain plummets down, so when I go to the library this is not an uncommon sight:

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3 Responses to Campus + dogs

  1. sara says:

    O the lovely companionship of dogs! How nice to have them wandering around. I would love London to have some happy-go-lucky canine individuals so I could strike up some casual relationships here…

  2. K-Chan says:

    the campus painting is lovely,I feel it is all about movement,being led to places and connecting–
    the library dogs are great, I love the liquidity together with the strong outline of the dogs. the people are beautiful dansers holding umbrellas, and the different lighting on the trees makes it all interesing: backdrop peopled landscape and foreground dogs and empty spaces. Really love it.

  3. david and margie says:

    I love this one! All of it, but really especially the drawings down the side, the sort of framing pictures with the birds, tree frogs and other beasties! What do you call those side framing pictures? Clever you Bea!!

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