Party at our Chinese Teacher’s house

Did I mention how our teacher is amazing? I can’t believe the Fall term has rushed by so quickly! It just doesn’t feel like November when it’s 25 C. Next week is our last of the term, and as classes tend to be jumbled up term by term we don’t know if we’ll still be studying together next term, so our teacher invited us to her house for a party. She made hotpot and everyone brought a dish/drinks and prepared a performance. Here is the table sagging under the weight of our feast:


When performance time came I got to see some amazing acts! Seriously beautiful singing in Chinese and Filipeno, Jazz scat-singing and piano-playing, games and great dancing! My contribution wasn’t exactly a performance, but a little gift to each person to say thanks for making my first term in Taiwan so enjoyable. There was a little one for everyone, with their Chinese name and favourite colour as the background, which I’d sneakily asked for the day before in what I am sure was a cunningly casual manner:

I did one of myself as well so the teacher got a print-out of the whole class together as seen above. Everyone’s expressions at seeing tiny versions of themselves were completely priceless, it made my day all over again (it’d already been made by a bonus scooter ride (I WANT ONE) and the brilliant food/company times)!! It was an excellent night, can’t wait for the next time!

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One Response to Party at our Chinese Teacher’s house

  1. david and margie says:

    What a lovely party at your Chinese teacher’s house. You must be a special group of students I think. We have been so interested to see and hear about all your amazing times out there on the other side of the fworld! And the food looks so delicious in your pictures. I feel very hungry right now. Your seem to have made some good friends and to be doing so well Bee. We are proud to know you! Very much love from margie and David xxxx

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