Taipei dog walking

Aah I miss my dog. Luckily the campus ones are visible everywhere, and audible too as they howl tunefully outside our dorm windows or engage in friendly growling competitions. I’ve been seeing some ingenious dogwalking techniques since I’ve come to Taiwan, so innovative  they mostly do away with walking all together (for the dogs, anyway).

click for bigger tiny dogs!

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3 Responses to Taipei dog walking

  1. Clare says:

    Bee, your drawings are so good! Feels like these people are about to walk off the screen! Don’t always find time to look but have just caught up – i love the egrets too. And the texts are most entertaining!
    Happy Monday, happy week! Love, Clare

  2. K-Chan says:

    Hi Brilliant!
    I sat laughing out loud over my breakfast, such excellent portrayals of how feelings and moods are radiated outwards by all these human and canine chappies….
    Clicking the pic and enlarging it is essential to see all the creatures’ expressions very clearly,
    Oh yummie!

  3. nilufer caglar says:

    ohh bee, flinky must be soo moved by this tribute to his self!! i miss him too, what a presence he has..ii am happy there are so many dogs around on campus..thank you for sharing..
    love from a very turbulent greece!!nilufer

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