Egrets mentioned a couple of times

The campus here is studded with egrets! Some days ago I got to watch a little egret with grey beak and yellow feet face off  either a great or intermediate egret, a lazy honker who tried to bully all the other birds around before thinking of trying to fish for itself.

The titchy bird is a common sandpiper, who constantly bobbed head and tail in a perky sort of way. The uncooperative hunched grey-brown bird who turned his back on me most of the time was probably a Chinese pond-heron. (- oh wait I just read they don’t show up in Taiwan. Pff.) (also I reckon a white-breasted waterhen made an appearance).

Wandered past these signs to climb down for better egret sighting. Maybe there are some differences from the old Leeds campus.

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1 Response to Egrets mentioned a couple of times

  1. These are great! I particularly like the not-Chinese pond-heron. You studied at Leeds too?

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