The shiniest exercise routines!

Looook! Some illustrations I did of exercising students can be found here (scroll to page 58/59) on the digital edition of The National Student!

Here is the final version:

Very exciting. I also did a dashing pirate version to demonstrate the exercises:

but it was decided using more studenty-type-looking people would be less random. I still like Pirate though. He’s got those wall-slides sorted. Really fun to work on!

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2 Responses to The shiniest exercise routines!

  1. Leonie says:

    Love the wall-sliding pirate!! He looks pretty used to staying in shape… that’s what rope-swinging and sword-fighting will do for you. Harrrrrr!

  2. annette van der Krogt says:

    lieve Bee, wat ben je toch enorm talented !!! gaat het goed met je ? ik geniet van je prachtige blog!! veel liefs

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