Taipei Snapshot sketches

Some tiny sketches of some views: (The top two were done while on a bus, stuck in traffic or waiting for the green light.)

The bigger one is of a pavilion by a bridge on campus! I like sitting at the stone table there, surrounded by intricate paintwork, gnarly creeper-trees and grafiti sharing who slept with who and where and for the xth time, but it is also haunted by a clan of fierce mosquitos.

Oh look birds which have never featured before! Ok so the Damalu shows up every other post, but this time I got to draw him from close-up while he posed dramatically! I saw one fly and caught sight of their white spotted underwing feathers for the first time as well.

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5 Responses to Taipei Snapshot sketches

  1. sara says:

    Hello B. ‘Damalu’ Brouwer!
    The top two landscapes remind me of Indonesia a bit, you know what I mean?
    And the next one reminds me of Quentin Blake’s illustrations for The Twits!

  2. K-Chan says:

    I love the damalus, esp the two lower ones, the big one looks very satisfied to be featured larger than the smaller miffed-eyed one. Lovely husky pen work, too…

  3. Poly says:

    Just to clarify… got out your watercolours while in traffic or waiting for a green light?!?!?!?!?! I know you’re quick, but I didn’t know you were THAT quick!!!! It’s all that homework on school bus training.
    Love it!!!! Love it!!!! Love it!!!!!

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