Confucius’ birthday

It’s the great sage’s birthday today, and also teacher’s day! Two of my classmates actually got up at 5 to watch the morning celebrations and yi-dancing held at the Confucian Temple AND made it back to class. When break time arrived, the whole row opposite me slumped as one onto the table in a truly moving communal spirit.

I visited the temple later but there were only a handful of people there, picking up the rubble of the festivities. We got given lumps of banana-candy flavoured glutinous rice and wrote our wishes on little wooden fortune cards to hang up along the temple wall.




















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One Response to Confucius’ birthday

  1. Poly says:

    I can just picture the Monty Python moment as those enthusiastic students flopped/slammed on to the table the second break started. 🙂
    P.S. I want her outfit.
    P.S.2. Is that truely the expression they have on their faces?

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