More Campus sketching

Ok well this one of a self service eating place is technically not on campus as such, but it is very close! It’s quite small, slightly dingy, and I always enjoy going there. There are about 20 – 30 dishes to choose from (all sorts of tofu, chicken-bum-on-a-stick, loads of other meat and veggies, big slices of fish, grilled medium-sized fish and tiny fish with peanuts) and then you can help yourself to the seaweedy soup in that massive pan. That’s a furtive sketch of the owner at the top – once you’ve picked your food you show it to him, he does some rapid calculating and then tells you the price in a wonderfully ceremonious manner.

I was idly watching the birds on my way to the pool when the Damalu mum jumped out of a ditch and came face to face with the Damalu dad, who was busy picking at worms. VWOOSH – within a fraction of a second their sleek forms transformed into fluff, all their tiny feathers standing on end with their blue head-feathers turned up into mohawks! They sort of nodded beaks and stepped around each other for a bit, emitting waves of electric avian passion… then went back to pecking worms.

The last two days NCCU’s student clubs have opened stalls and been trying to lure new students into their societies. There was impressive dancing in the heat of the day, qin practicing, and the kendo club people wacked each other over the head with their wooden swords (but the archery girls just ate lunch). We also witnessed a campus tradition at night: if it’s your birthday, your friends will chuck you into the fountain.

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