Illustration Friday – Boundaries


















An illustration of a story by Pu Songling, a Qing Dynasty collector of strange tales (zhiguai). The girl up in the tree is a (half-) fox spirit called Yingning, constantly crossing the boundaries of social ettiquette by laughing her head off at everyone (I dunno if she’d really show that much leg though, I may be doing her an injustice). She also climbs trees, which is how her neighbours’ son spots her and tries to seduce her. She tricks him and I’m afraid he ends up being stung by a gigantic scorpion and dying. :[

Fox spirits are the most liminal creatures around, crossing boundaries left right and center, between human and animal, real world and spirit world, the divine and the demonic. They get taken to the karmic court of supernatural justice if they’re too evil, though.

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2 Responses to Illustration Friday – Boundaries

  1. Poly says:

    What a minx, I mean fox

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