Mountains and Nightmarkets

Yesterday I went hiking up Qixingshan, the highest mountain in the Taipei area. Elisa, Madoka and I were all extremely intrepid and survived the millions of slippery stone steps of steepness up the bejungled terrain. Here is a rough summary of our climb (click to enlarge – sorry about the bad quality):

If you visit Elisa’s excellent blog you can gaze upon more accurate pictures of our delicious ‘fantuan’ breakfast (lots of stuff stuffed into steaming hot rice), marvel at our heroic progress up and down the slopes, and nod at the steaming sulphuric cliffside.

As we trundled along these most lovely iridescent-blue-tailed lizards darted in front of our feet:

Met up with Jodie after the mountain expedition and she took me to a night market! It was just outside Taipower MRT station, and it was AMAZING. SO many delicious foods! She was cunning and only told me what they were afterwards. Didn’t realise pig guts in noodles and pig blood on a stick could be pretty tasty. (click for slightly larger guts:)

The winter melon tea was so good I went back to get another cup. The stall-owner enthusiastically suggested I try it mixed with a different tea, and gave me a tiny plastic bag holding several tiny brown orbs. According to Jodie they’re traditional thirst-quenching Chinese medicine. Apparently women aren’t really supposed to drink too much of the other type of tea, as it affects our organs somehow, but it seems it doesn’t matter as I’m a Westerner :T

Classes start tomorrow! Hope you all have a great and exciting Monday.

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8 Responses to Mountains and Nightmarkets

  1. Jessika Dené Tarr says:

    I love this. What a great way to document your adventure. Like your illustration style too!

  2. nilufer caglar says:

    you are soo brave to taste food without knowing what it is, wonder what those blobs were in your tea…what a climb! and what a gorgeous lizard!! i suspect your drawing makes him more handsome..the sulphurous bit was scary….may it be an auspicious beginning of your classes..
    all my love

  3. Love to read about your adventures – have fun doing your classes, too!

  4. Limesy says:

    Who knew Taipei had black pudding! I shall come hence posthaste! 😮 :o!

    Love the mountain walk illustration >w< Silly exercising humans! Don't you know you can just look at pretty pictures of people doing mad mountain walks with amusing comments already written on? Fufufufu! Winnar!

    *cough* Good luck with classes! ❤

  5. HBW says:

    Miss B! it all sounds rather marvellous. and your illustrations are so evocative and delightful!

  6. wyneke jordans says:

    Dear B! I love your drawings and stories. Keep going so we can enjoy it.
    Succes with classes and tons of love from the Hilversum-clan.

  7. Jodie says:

    Awesome! It’s a very interesting way to review what we(you)’ve explored in Taiwan.

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