First week in Taipei

I’ve moved into my dormitory – no male visitors allowed. When they do come in they have to wear little jackets saying ‘visitor’, har har! At the moment I have a Korean and Taiwanese roommate, and also blessed a.c.

A quick sketch of my room:

I’m writing from the dorm common room, where I can use internet so long as I duel with mosquitos every so often. It’s a somewhat unappealing space filled by three long rows of plastic chairs all facing a TV screen showing images of people wading through mud streams. The typhoon hasn’t really hit us over here, though.

Some sketchbook things: delicious hotpot meal, which you may be able to tell has been expertly given bits of not at all slapdash colour using photoshop.

Last weekend I went past wonderful mangrove forests on the train to Danshui, where river meets sea. I did some sketching of the island Bali (a different Bali) despite the overpowering heat

There were massive trees all around, this sketch doesn’t do justice to their magnificence. As I walked by later I realised someone was sleeping on the lowest lefthand branch, taking up maybe a mere third of its length.

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4 Responses to First week in Taipei

  1. Sara Maters says:

    Hello B,
    These illustrations will do very well in a travel article for a magazine I’m sure – people want to know about the food & how to eat it and places to go – you could even try to update Lonely Planet!

  2. bonnie says:

    hi bea,
    I love reading your blog and the sketches were beautiful,i guess you fall inlove in that country!!!

  3. nilufer caglar says:

    that tree is sooo vibrant so alive…bee you are amazing…i tried to find the hidden man in the branches but you hid him well!!!!

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