Some tiny paintings done in Wensleydale

Spotted while slurping coffee and ogling the view from a Wensleydale garden, the goldfinch balanced neatly under Lady Hill, just below Ivy Scar, ignoring sparrows and jackdaws alike. We went for a moonlight walk with Flinky, and a hugely wet epic struggle accross Bardale Beck, which is usually a friendly place with calm limestone pools, but was transformed into a raging wild water monster (click for larger struggling):

Everyone was drenched and had to have Dutch gins.

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2 Responses to Some tiny paintings done in Wensleydale

  1. nilufer caglar says:

    dear bee, brilliant once again..i saw a beautiful king fisher on the rocky coast of tinos during my last swim, what a brilliant blue, soo looking forward you drawing one, so i am making a wish that it will come your way soon!!
    what a horrendous crossing! what a deluge in the middle of july! what an adventure to remember…!! love from kifissia nilufer

  2. Jessika Dené Tarr says:

    I love this one too! You have a way of capturing emotion and movement.

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