Watercoloured chickens

These were so much fun to do! (click to see bigger versions) My neighbours were kind enough to let me install myself in front of their chicken coop in their garden, where I was able to do my first bird ‘life drawing’ with watercolour.

I’ll be in unsteady internet territory for some time, but hopefully will put up stuff every now and again. Hope you’re having an excellent summer!

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4 Responses to Watercoloured chickens

  1. Nilufer caglar says:

    They are so cozy, you did a great job of putting them on paper, were they not running about? Konstantinos likes them as well..brilliant as ever!!!!
    Love from hot greece nilufer

  2. catilustre says:

    oh! I love these chickens and how you deal with watercolours, post for Remedy is also sweeeet! 🙂

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