Holiday sketchbook (Tinos)

Some more holiday drawings, from the beautiful island Tinos! It was said to be home to the Wind God, which I felt all too keenly as my whole paintbox was lifted up and crashed to the ground, scattering colours, by particularly enthusiastic air movements.

For Nilufer! (Hope it’s ok to put it up!) The real view is comletely stunning. I also got to draw the Garden:

And a quick drawing of the harbour as the winds nearly felled us, while waiting for the Sea Cat to take us back to Athens.

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One Response to Holiday sketchbook (Tinos)

  1. Poly says:

    I can vouch for the wind!!!!!! Blimey!!!!!! Glad to see ‘Poly snoozing on cat so to avoid being sick’ hasn’t been posted. ;P Come back to Greece!!!!!!

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