Illustration Friday – Shadows

For this week’s Illustration Friday. Earlier this year the river flooded, ebbed away and left a little cliff where smooth beach had been before. Now mudswallows (oeverzwaluwen in Dutch) have moved in. When you go walking the soaring of the real birds and the swooping of their shadows make it nearly impossible to tell how many there are.

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4 Responses to Illustration Friday – Shadows

  1. Rain says:

    Do they flock together, the swallows? I’ve seen videos (and seen it in real life once – amazing!) where they fly in huge masses and make fluttering ribbons in the sky. Your lovely illustration reminded me of that.

    • These tend to flit to the river, snatch up a hapless insect and then return to one of their many cliff-side appartments, so I haven’t seen them flock together… We do get many ribbons of geese though.

  2. Very nice piece. I love the freedom in your line work.

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