Weekend in a London garden

Drawn while sitting in my sister’s garden:

She’s made it look beautiful and has even made a pond and planted vegetables and everything! Also the neighbour’s cats:

That orange thing on the roof isn’t a cat. It’s a fox, which I saw padding across without a great deal of reserve. He had a sad and thin scraggly tail, ending in a little tuft. Petit Chat didn’t notice him.

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9 Responses to Weekend in a London garden

  1. Poly says:

    Damn your architectural artistic skills. I mean, how beautiful! The cats have so much energy, they’re great!

  2. sara says:

    So cool! I like seeing the garden on a two-page spread! xxxx

  3. Rumisu says:

    hey there! i love the red fox with the scruffy tail and the blue frame you used. very nice composition!

  4. sara says:

    This drawing is very much composed of the chinese ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ elements, right? : )

  5. Sandra says:

    thank you so much!!!! I love it!!! this is so adorable!

  6. maevdk says:

    bea this is so great! i’m getting all caught up on your blog on your BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hope you have the most amazing day!

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