Coot Family

I’ve been ogling these coots for over a month, watching them build and settle on their floating nest from my sneaky vantage point (a bridge). In the distance I could see two small bits of fluff test the water, but it was not till a few days ago that I looked over the bridge-railing and saw them having breakfast but two meters from me. [Their legs and feet looked even more out of proportion under the water.]

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9 Responses to Coot Family

  1. Expression says:

    I love this sketch, so full of character.

  2. K-chan says:

    LOVE it!
    Waiting for Saar or Henrietta or Polly to transcribe the Hoot/Hep dialogue

  3. Poly says:

    Scene One: Baby Coot 1 “I’m so pretty, so cute, so adorable, everyone wants to be me, look at my fluff, stunning”
    Baby Coot 2 “God I’m starving, where’s Mum and the food?”
    Baby Coot 1 “la la la, cuter then a cupcake…..”
    Scene Two: Baby Coot 2 “FOOOOOD! Food, food, food, food”
    Baby Coot 1 “Phur! Tut tut!” (and strops off in disgust)
    Scene Three: Coot Mum “It’s poisonous.”
    Baby Coot 2 “Choke” (pause) “AUUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!

  4. Poly says:

    Is that good enough?

    • Brilliant transcribing! XD “la la la, cuter than a cucake”
      Looking at the big coot with “It’s poisonous” in mind makes me laugh every time 😀

    • K-Chan says:

      Its passable. Keep trying….

      (only saying that in hopes of seeing more comments. You have to start a writing career Polly, really you do)

  5. I believe you are right completely…

  6. Poly says:

    ah, shucks! (Bea, I’m taking over your blog, he he he)

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