Ink fox of the sky

I can’t believe there haven’t been any foxes up here so far. So here is one in ink, and one in pencil.

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8 Responses to Ink fox of the sky

  1. Poly says:

    The foxes are BRILLIANT!!!!!!! Want One!!!! Want One!!!!!!

  2. tyrnyx says:

    Love these! So much personality.

  3. Eek! Thank you! I love your comics!

  4. rumisublog says:

    I love both the watercolor and the pencil versions! the animal kingdom at large must be very happy to be getting your attention, i am sure the foxes were a bit jelous of the attention the birds were getting! 🙂

  5. cavepainter says:

    Really nice work. The pencil one looks similar to how I draw sometimes. 🙂

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